Oh What a Night!  Yes – it was the opening number in our concert last night and certainly summed up the entire evening!  Congratulations to every single person on stage in the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, you were outstanding.

In fact many of the song titles last night found their rightful place as we celebrated the end of an era and the dawning of a new day:-

Don’t Stop Me Now, Stars, Love Changes Everything, If Ever I would Leave You, All for the Best, Something’s Coming, Slipping Through My Fingers, With You, No-one is Alone, Without Love, If I Loved You, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Bring on Tomorrow!

Even when the song title itself didn’t wrap around your feelings the actual words of the other numbers hit every raw nerve.  Emotion was running at an all time high and every ounce of that emotion was used to hit the spot time and time again!  You could have been forgiven for thinking that ‘If I Loved You’ had been written personally by every individual singer just for Steve – and every individual singer was the only person in the hall singing it directly to him – it was like watching hundreds of cupids arrows being fired directly at him – it was breathtaking to watch and even better to listen to.  I honestly don’t think that sight or sound will ever leave me.  It was yet another highlight to add to the many already banked.  No-one need worry that it was their last concert with Steve as he well and truly made sure that every emotional receptor was filled to the brim with the passion he reflected back to everybody.

‘Bring on Tomorrow’ was already written into this programme before we knew of the imminent company changes, so it was the perfect opportunity for us all to acknowledge this and the rousing applause and noise for Richard told us all we need to know about the future of the concerts in Liverpool – may the Espressivo Chorus reign supreme!

The gifts and kindness showered on us all yesterday allowed us time to reflect on the incredible journey we have taken together so far, and the camaraderie and comments among everyone confirm what we already know –we are fortunate that an honourary scouser had a vision and that Steve and Richard have ensured that musical vision was an ongoing reality.  Among the many wonderful comments I received yesterday my favourites were “Because of the choir I have friends for life, “Because of the choir I got a life”, but topped by “Because of the choir I got a wife!”

Thank you each and every one of you who contributed so generously.  Did I cry?  What do you think?  Laura Daniels rendition of ‘With You’ from Ghost made certain I could not see my script at the dress rehearsal and in the evening I held it together relatively well until the second rendition of that most famous Liverpool Anthem, the music and words of which resonated around the Philharmonic and summed up everything our company has stood for since the day we started “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”