Welcome to Unlimited Voices.

This document provides the terms and conditions under which we operate and provides useful information and answers to frequently asked questions.


Administration office address: 62 Thirsk Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 1PL

Office Hours: 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday

Telephone Number: 01609 889 005

Email: admin@unlimitedvoices.uk

Website: www.unlimitedvoices.uk

Twitter: @UnLtdVoices

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnLtdVoices


Including Health and Safety Policy, Code of Conduct, Company Standards and Booking Conditions

Please see the sections which relate to the event you have joined.

Type of Events   Relevant Sections
Concerts a b c d e g h i j k l m
Weekly Sessions a b d g h l m
Workshops a b d g h l m
Summer Schools a b c d e g h l m
Singing Holidays, Weekends & Cruises a b c d e g h l m

Please note where we refer to ‘a rehearsal’ in this general information section it refers to the following:-  concert rehearsals, weekly sessions, weekend break sessions, workshops, summer school sessions and rehearsals for our singing holidays and cruises.

A -Timings

The timings for our concert rehearsals will be on the original confirmation letter.  Exact timings for the concert day will be announced in the week before the concert, see section K.


The timings for our workshops and weekly sessions will always be on our original information.

The timings for the sessions at our weekend breaks and summer schools will be given out when you attend.  In some cases a time table may be available in advance and will be sent to you.

The timings for our singing holiday and cruise rehearsals which take place in the UK will be advised to you once we have confirmed numbers for the trips.  The timings of any rehearsals which will take place abroad will be advised on arrival at your destination.  In some cases a time table may be available in advance and will be sent to you.

B – Cancellation Policy

For concerts and weekly sessions – we have a 14-day 100% money back guarantee which runs from the date on your confirmation email or letter. Should you need to cancel you must confirm this in writing or by email to the Administration Office within the 14-day period. Your performance fee will then be returned to you. If you are outside the 14-day period we are unable to give any refunds.

For weekend breaks, singing holidays, cruises and summer schools and workshops there is no 14 day money back guarantee. Once we have processed your application it is booked and we have a special booking condition which applies and your acceptance onto the trip means that you agree to this condition:

Special Booking Condition for weekend breaks, singing holidays, cruises and summer schools

By paying my/our deposit for all the named persons on my application form, I agree to pay the outstanding balance(s) in full by the specified due date. I accept that should I/we or any member of my party be unable or unwilling to travel on this trip for any reason whatsoever, I shall be liable for the said outstanding amounts and agree to pay the same as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, in full by the said due date. I accept that no refunds will be made whatsoever under any circumstances.



C – ID Cards

All singers taking part in performances in the UK or abroad need an ID card.  Sometimes guests who are travelling with us may also need them.  To order this please send to the admin office a passport sized photograph of yourself and on the reverse, please print your full name, company area (i.e. Manchester, Birmingham etc), together with a stamped, self addressed envelope.  If you are new to us and have joined to take part in a concert you will have already paid for your ID card with your initial rehearsal and performance fee.  If you have lost your card or need to order one for a guest please send a cheque made payable to Unlimited Voices Ltd for £6.00

ID cards must be visibly on display for all Unlimited Voices events. This is an essential requirement with increasing demands upon health & safety, minimizing risk and improving security in the venues where we perform.  Please make sure you order it as soon as you join an event which requires one to allow sufficient time for processing and delivery.

D – Registering Your Attendance at Rehearsal, Events and Trips

Every rehearsal, event and trip we do requires that we know exactly who is participating and who has attended.

Each concert rehearsal has a rehearsal manager who is responsible for registering your attendance.  If there is no rehearsal manager this is taken care of by the vocal coach or musical director.  Please note it is a requirement of the health and safety policy that every singer signs in at each rehearsal.  Please arrive in time to do so before the rehearsal starts.

If you are attending a series of rehearsals and know in advance that you are unable to attend a certain rehearsal you must inform the rehearsal manager or vocal coach, e.g. if you are going to be away on holiday, business.

If applicable please make sure you find out at your first rehearsal who your rehearsal manager is and where necessary obtain their phone number.

If you are travelling with us for a weekend break, summer school, singing holiday or cruise.  You must ensure that you have checked in with the trip leader for all parts of the package covered by Unlimited Voices – airport, hotel/college or other accommodation facility, coach/train transport, optional excursions, group meals etc, as well as the workshops and rehearsals.

E – Performance Wear

For all our performances we have a dress code and you will be informed on the original information for the event what that attire will be.

Our basic performance attire consists of a Black T Shirt to be worn out over your trousers, black smart trousers, (both men and ladies, no jeans or leggings) black socks or black opaque tights, black shoes (no open toes, and no boots with trousers tucked in).  You are not permitted to wear jewellery other than wedding rings and small non-reflective earrings. If the event you have joined requires you to wear a company T shirt you can order this from the website or obtain a merchandise form from the admin office.

On some occasions you will be asked to ‘dress up’ in the theme of the concert and for this you would provide your own attire.

F – Tour Gear

When we travel on Unlimited Voices trips we have red ‘tour gear’.  We ask that all those travelling with us wear at least one item of red merchandise so that our ground staff, flight monitors and travel guides can identify the individuals of the group.  It also promotes what we do and gives us valuable publicity.  You can order this from the website or obtain a merchandise form from the admin office.

G – Merchandise

From time to time there will be Unlimited Voices merchandise available for sale.  This will appear in the shop on our website and can be purchased directly from there or by ringing the admin office.

H – Rehearsal Information

All our rehearsals are lead by a vocal coach who is responsible for the rehearsal and will give out any notices from the Musical Director or admin office.  If you are unable to attend any rehearsal it is your responsibility to find out if there have been any amendments to the rehearsal schedule or if any other announcements were made.

Concert Rehearsals

Our concert rehearsals which take place in different areas also have a rehearsal manager.  You have registered for a specific group so we know which rehearsal venue you intend to attend every week. However, if there is more than one rehearsal taking place on a weekly basis in your area, eg in Manchester rehearsals would take place in Bolton and Cheadle Hulme – if you wish to attend another rehearsal you can do so at no extra cost. You must inform the MANAGER OF THE GROUP YOU INTEND TO VISIT FIRST – to see if there is a place for you and then YOUR OWN REHEARSAL MANAGER to cancel your place at your usual group, either in person or by telephone. They will then amend the registers accordingly. Remember – call the Rehearsal Manager, not the Office.

If you arrive late to a rehearsal you must make sure that you sign the register YOURSELF during the break. WE WILL BE MONITORING attendance with a view to absences, late arrivals and early departures, we accept there can be exceptional circumstances but they should not be made on a regular basis. Please advise your rehearsal manager if you have any changes in your circumstances. (e.g. change of working hours, travelling, rehearsal pod etc).

If you miss 3 concert rehearsals, the Company reserves the right to withhold your place in the concert or to cancel your registration without refund.  (Extreme circumstances will obviously be taken into consideration e.g. illness, work commitments etc.)

It is your responsibility to ensure there is a place at ‘away’ groups before attending. Strict adherence to this procedure is necessary for us to know how many people are attending each venue for the purpose of Health & Safety and Fire Regulations.

If you wish to change rehearsals permanently please call the admin office to arrange that for you.

Please remember that the rehearsal managers are volunteers and provide vital support to our crew and staff.  Please treat them with respect.

I – Auditions For Solo Parts in Concerts

For most of our concerts in the UK there is an opportunity to audition for a solo part.  The details of when the auditions will take place will be on the original information when you join the concert.  In order to apply email the office at least 7 DAYS before the audition date, stating that you wish to audition for a solo part. You will then be allocated a rehearsal slot and an audition time by email.  If you have not received the email by the Friday before the auditions please ring the office to be given your time slot.

Decisions of the audition panel will be notified to you by email a few days after the day of the auditions.  If you are unable to attend on the day, we CANNOT make alternative arrangements to hear you.

How to audition for a solo and how it all works

First of all, we must stress that it is the FULL COMPANY who is the ‘star’ of the show – when you join us you are promised a company performance, not a solo.  We encourage everyone to audition, but stress that solo numbers will be cast from the “best on the day of auditions” and from those singers who meet the standard we are looking for.  Please remember, this is not a time to experiment – bring a song you know you can sing, not one you think you might like to ‘have a go’ at.  BE PREPARED!

DO ASK advice from your vocal coach on the choice of song, if you need to – don’t forget to bring the sheet music with you to your audition.  In certain cases singers may get more than one part in a concert.  This is generally where the songs are from the same show and therefore cast in character e.g. Les Miserables, or where there is perhaps only one line and logistically it would be pointless having someone attend 4 rehearsals for one line!  We are sometimes asked why the ensemble pieces are not given to less experienced singers to ‘break them in’ for future solos – the simple answer is – less experienced singers could not do it!  If we are unable to select a soloist on the day we reserve the right to select a soloist from any of our other companies.

So, now you are armed with a few facts and figures, here’s what you have to do if you want to audition for a solo.

The following notes are for your guidance to help you make the decision to apply for a solo.

  • If you are successful you will be given additional vocal coaching as required.
  • You will have one rehearsal with the orchestra/band at the full dress rehearsal at the concert venue – but please note that the band call is the orchestral rehearsal and for their benefit. It is NOT a singing rehearsal
  • You will have a soloists rehearsal at the venue on the morning of the concert with piano accompaniment in order to rehearse on the stage
  • You will be trained in the use of hand held or lapel microphones where necessary


Your individual time will be notified to you by email.  Please provide a valid email address. It is YOUR responsibility to find out your audition time if you don’t receive the email!

Tips for auditioning:-

  • Research your music well
  • Choose music that suits your voice
  • Choose music that suits the concert, if possible
  • Learn and know the notes as well as you can
  • Learn and know the lyrics as well as you can
  • Choose a song early and stick to it
  • Do not bring two songs and ask the panel to choose. It is your decision!
  • Do not bring a piece that you do not know, but think you would like to ‘have a go at’
  • Try and rehearse with an accompanist before the day of the audition
  • Bring a copy of the music for the accompanist that is bound and will lie flat on the music stand
  • Practice looking in a mirror whilst singing
  • Think about communication – use your face and eyes
  • Think about how you are going to stand
  • Think about what to do with your hands if anything?
  • Wear something in which you feel comfortable
  • Prior to the audition – sing to family and friends and get some feedback
  • Make sure you warm-up before you arrive at the audition
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Relax and enjoy the experience


J – Concert Tickets

For all our concerts we ask that you sell as many tickets as possible to your friends and family.  There is nothing like a ‘home grown’ audience applauding and cheering you on to make your performance an unforgettable one!  We expect everyone to sell a minimum of at least six tickets and hopefully more.  You will receive electronic flyers and there will be flyers at rehearsals for you to distribute.  We ask that you take as many as you can and display them as far and wide as possible to promote the event.  Tickets can be bought from the shop on our website, from the concert venue box office or in most cases from our rehearsals.  Performing to a full house is always more rewarding and we encourage you to sell tickets from the start.  Don’t wait until you think it sounds good in rehearsal!


K – Concert Day Information

Event Timetable

The confirmed timings for a concert day will be given to you at the last rehearsals the week before the concert by the Musical Director.

Approximate timings are generally as follows.  You will be required to be at the concert venue on the day of the performance 6 hours before the concert start time.  If you are a soloist it would generally be 7.5 hours before.  These timings are provisional and subject to change.

Please Note: All rehearsals held in the week prior to a show must be attended.  It is compulsory that you attend the technical rehearsal on the day of the show – all these rehearsals are vital to the success of the show, the dates of which are always stated on the rehearsal schedule on signing up for the concert.  If you do not attend the technical rehearsal, you cannot be in the show.

Example of  timings below for a normal concert starting at 7.30pm but of course each concert will differ so you must listen at the rehearsals.

13.30 hrs                     Singers arrive & register. Dressing room allocation and Health & Safety briefing.

14.00 hrs                     Seating Rehearsal – Orchestra arrive and seating

14.30 hrs                     Technical rehearsal

17.30 hrs                     Break

19.15 hrs                     Stand by to take up positions

19.30 hrs                     Evening performance

Please note that the seating for the concert will be in height order in voice types.  We are often asked if singers can sit with the people they have rehearsed with.  The simple answer is to sit in height order in rehearsal!

Concert Day Guidelines

The production staff have put this information together to help you prepare for your performance. Read it over carefully, as all singers will be held to these guidelines in order to perform. Your vocal coach will be able to answer your questions if you need anything clarified.

On the day of the concert, please arrive at the time requested above. However, you must listen to the instructions given out at rehearsals during the week before the concert, as timings sometimes change.

Make sure you have everything you need for the day with you when you arrive. Such as your performance attire and any items of a personal nature like food and drink etc.  Do not bring valuables.  Storage space is always very limited (and in some cases non-existent!) Please note  non- alcoholic beverages only.  Anyone drinking alcohol will be asked to leave.  The stage crew will not allow anyone on stage who has been drinking alcohol.

When you arrive at the concert venue please sign in on the sheets at the entrance (this is imperative – these sheets are used for health and safety and also to confirm your attendance which is compulsory.  If you do not attend the dress rehearsal you cannot perform in the concert).

Make your way to your allotted dressing room.  Once you are settled into your dressing room wait for the production crew to call you for the staging rehearsal.  You may wish to have some food at this time. You will be called by the production crew for the staging rehearsal.  You will be asked to line up in height order, and in voice type before going on to the stage.  Make sure you have on the shoes you will be wearing for the performance. Please note no sandals or open toed shoes. Mobile phone and handbags are not permitted on stage at any time.  You are permitted to take bottled water on stage during the dress rehearsal.  Once the staging rehearsal is executed satisfactorily the final rehearsal will commence.

When the staging rehearsal begins we expect the singers to focus on the direction of the production crew and most importantly when the rehearsal starts to focus on the conductor of the evenings show.

The Performance

Once on stage there will be hanging area mics overhead. An audio technician individually monitors each mic during the show so remember to keep excess noise to a minimum and not to talk while on stage.

Performance Attire

Please make sure you are properly attired before going on stage. We will re-iterate here what we have stated above.  If you are wearing T-shirts they must be worn over your trousers, not tucked in.  You must wear smart black dress trousers, no leggings or jeans.  You must wear black socks – ladies and men.  Ladies they must be dark black socks if they are opaque they must be at least 60 denier.  You must wear black shoes, no open toes, no sandals, trainers or patent leather shoes, and no trousers tucked into boots.

You are not permitted to wear jewellery.  Wedding rings only and very small non-reflective earrings if absolutely necessary.

There will be occasions where we ask you to dress up in attire appropriate to the theme of the concert, however in all cases we would ask that the ladies wear sensible footwear with low heels.

Identification Requirements

We require all singers to carry their photo ID cards at all times during the concert day and make sure it is visible to the crew. Once you are dressed in your performance attire and ready to go on stage please remove your ID card.

Voice Types

A form will be available at the rehearsals for you to sign to confirm your voice type.  Please ensure you sign this to confirm your voice type.  Also ensure that the office knows in writing of any medical history or changes which may affect your performance.

Personal Safety & Well-being for Concert Days

These notes are to help you on the day of the concert. 

a. If you feel ill before going on stage – contact one of the crew

b. If you feel ill on stage:

  • Sit down – doing this will alert members of the crew that there is a problem – they can then direct the First Aid people to assist.
  • Sing & Discover crew members do watch the choir during the performance
  • If you are on either side of the person who has become ill, make sure they are OK until assistance arrives
  • Don’t make a drama out of it – for everyone else – the show goes on!
  • Leave the crew and the first aid people to do their jobs
  • If the situation warrants it, the Musical Director will stop the show.

c. Most problems can be avoided – Prevention is better than cure – Make the most of the break.

  • Get something light to eat – preferably a light meal, not crisps etc.
  • Drink plenty of water – not alcohol
  • Try to relax
  • Get ready in plenty of time

The Concert day, whilst very exhilarating, is a long day and can be quite tiring.  As always, your personal safety and well being is very important to us.  Below are a few simple tips to help maintain your energy levels and allow you to make the most of the fantastic experiences of the whole day.

  • Get plenty of rest on the days leading up to the concert.  A couple of early nights, especially the night before, are recommended.  Also try to avoid alcohol on the eve of the concert
  • On concert day –
    • Eat breakfast
    • Make sure that you eat regularly during the day (not just snacks/crisps etc.)
    • Drink plenty of water – Avoid alcohol
    • Try to relax whenever possible
    • During the break between the rehearsal and the concert have a light meal
    • Eat foods which will help to sustain energy levels e.g. banana

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready – don’t be rushing round at the last minute.

L – Health and Safety Policy

The Company recognises its duty towards all persons involved in its productions, events and trips and will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that it will provide a working environment which is safe and without risk to health.

To enable this policy to be fully implemented, we have vested responsibility for the day to day fulfilment of the policy with the Company Safety Officer. The contact in the first instance is the  Admin Office  01609 889 005

In the instance of a serious safety incident, the Company Safety Officer must be informed as soon as possible. Copies of all safety and accident reports and / or documents must be forwarded to the Company Safety Officer within seven days of the reported incident

The Directors, working directly with or through Producers, Crew members, Rehearsal Managers, Travel Suppliers, Travel Assistants or the Administration Team (of which the Company Safety Officer is a member), will ensure that during rehearsals, productions, events, trips or administration meetings, the health and safety of all singers, participants, travellers and other involved persons is given due attention, to ensure this policy is adhered to.

The Company will identify hazards presented by its activities and will introduce procedures to provide safety for all.

The Company welcomes the opportunity to discuss health and safety with its singers and crew members and will provide the necessary communication opportunities to make this possible.

All singers, participants, travellers and crew members are required to fulfil their legal obligations to observe safe working practices, conform to the relevant health and safety regulations and Company rules, and to take all reasonable care of themselves and others who may be affected by what they do.

Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure

All accidents and / or near misses involving any singer, participant, traveller or person engaged in any activity on behalf of the Company must, without exception be reported.

All accidents and / or near misses will be reported to the Company Safety Officer as soon as possible following the incident. All instances will be recorded in writing, the written report to reach the Company safety officer within seven days.


The Company Safety Officer will be responsible for recording and maintaining a complete file record of all accidents / incidents including near misses.

The Company Safety Officer will complete and submit reports as required by the latest RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations).

The purpose of the investigation is to establish causes and avoid repeat accidents.

The investigation is NOT undertaken to establish who was to blame.


The Company Safety Officer is responsible for investigating all reportable and notifiable accidents and near misses.

The Company Safety Officer will decide whether to:

  •       Undertake the investigation personally.
  •        Delegate the investigation to another member of the Company.

(iii)       Request specialist advice.


The following is the minimum of information to be obtained:

(i)       Names of persons involved and names of eyewitnesses.

(ii)       Date, time, locations and exact position of accident/incident.

(iii)       What ( if any ) equipment was in use at time of incident.

(iv)       Involved / injured person’s activity prior to accident/incident.

and  at the precise moment of the accident / near miss.

(v)       Weather conditions, if outdoors.

All witnesses to be interviewed as soon as possible after the accident/near miss.

Fire Evacuation Drill

All singers, participants, travellers and crew members must make themselves aware of the fire assembly points, fire exits and alarm call methods at each and every venue they visit, rehearse and / or perform.

All singers, participants, travellers and crew members must sign or check in on arrival at events, departure points, hotels, meetings, rehearsals or other locations/meeting points organised by the Company and report their departure to ensure that their absence is known.

In the unlikely event of an evacuation, the Rehearsal Manager, trip leader or Crew member in charge of the event, will check that all singers, participants and travellers have been accounted for.

All evacuation reports to be forwarded to the safety officer within seven days.

All singers, participants and travellers are to meet at the designated assembly point(s).

Assembly points for all rehearsal venues will be announced during the rehearsal, no later than the second week of rehearsal period. Assembly points at other venues will be notified by the venue in their usual way.

After ensuring that their own safety will not be endangered, Rehearsal Managers, trip leaders shall check all toilet areas to ensure no member of the Company remain in the evacuated area.

Evacuation details for all venues which we use will be the responsibility of the venue and all singers, participants and travellers must take time to understand the arrangements for that venue.


M – Code of Conduct and Company Standards

This code is designed to ensure that all singers and travellers get the maximum fun and enjoyment out of the rehearsals, events and trips whilst ensuring that our events are produced to the highest possible standard.

  • Please refer to the timings on your confirmation letter and note that all timings are prompt

Please be signed in and ready in your place to commence promptly at the start time of the

rehearsal.  The finish time will be as noted but may alter slightly at the discretion of your vocal


  • You must sign in on the register at rehearsals. If it is necessary to visit another rehearsal for

any reason, please ensure your name is added to the register for that night.

  • Guests are not allowed to attend rehearsals.
  • For our concerts – if you miss 3 rehearsals, without following the procedure outlined above, the Company reserves the right to withhold your place in the concert or to cancel your registration without refund. Extreme circumstances will obviously be taken into consideration e.g. illness, work commitments etc.
  • For our concerts – all rehearsals held in the week prior to the show must be attended.  It is compulsory that you attend the technical rehearsal on the day of the show – all these rehearsals are vital to the success of the show and dates are always stated on the rehearsal schedule on signing up for the concert.  If you do not attend the technical rehearsal, you cannot be in the show.
  • You must read and adhere to the Company Health and Safety Policy above
  • You must inform us, in writing to the administration office with your application, of any injury or condition, which may affect your performance and/or ability to perform on any part of the stage and any subsequent changes during the rehearsal period.
  • We cannot provide Personal Accident cover for anyone aged 80 years and over please arrange  your own cover.
  • Litter must not be left in any rehearsal or performance venue.
  • Where it is necessary to move chairs, they must be returned to their original position after the


  • All mobile phones must be switched off during rehearsals. They must NEVER be taken on stage for the performance.
  • Please bring your own refreshments and water to rehearsals.  Food to be consumed at the breaks only.
  • The photocopying of music is strictly prohibited and the onward transmission of any electronic music is also strictly prohibited. You may wish to bring a folder for your music pack.
  • The rehearsals will be run in an atmosphere of discipline and fun however the decision of the Vocal Coach must be respected.
  • Dress CodeThe dress code for the concert must be adhered to.  If it is Unlimited Voices performance attire the guidelines above MUST be followed as we are looking for a uniform look.  If we have asked you to dress up in the theme of the concert please be in keeping with the theme.
  • All singers must be in possession of an Unlimited Vocies Photo ID card which must be visibly on display during all concert days, but not on display during the concert performance.
  • All forms of advertising, promotions, recruitment or sales by any individual or organisation are strictly prohibited at company rehearsals and events, without the express permission of the Directors of the company.
  • The recording of ANY orchestra call, technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal or concert performance by audio or visual electronic devices of any kind is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of cameras and camera mobile phones!
  • All ideas for press or media releases relating to any concert or event organised by Unlimited Voices Ltd, or relating to any individual performing in such an event must be approved, in writing, by the directors prior to any release to the media.
  • If, after a period of time, our vocal coaches find that vocal improvement can only be achieved by individual tuition, a singer may be asked to stand down from the concert for the benefit of the full company and a full refund will be given.
  • RELEASE, INDEMNITY AND AUTHORISATION TO PHOTOGRAPH, RECORD AND REPRODUCE – In consideration of the acceptance of your participation in the rehearsal, event or trip you have applied for, you agree to the following:- you grant Unlimited Voices Ltd the right and exclusive license to make, use and re-use, reproductions, photographs, and recordings of the likeness (audio and visual), voice and sounds of you at a rehearsal, event or on a trip (including your guests) as well as your name and biographical information’, any feedback or singer story you may present for general publication by way of media, website, press or other related sources, as Unlimited Voices Ltd may desire, in all forms and media, whether now known or hereafter devised, throughout the universe, in perpetuity, without the need to obtain further authorisation or consent from yourself and without compensation to yourself or subject to any condition or limitation whatsoever (collectively, the “Reproduction  Rights”).  Unlimited Voices Ltd shall not have any obligation to exercise or exploit any of the Reproduction Rights nor shall Unlimited Voices Ltd have any obligation to accord you any credit in connection with any use of the Reproduction Rights.  Each photograph, videotape, recording or other work created by or resulting from the making, use, re-use, exercise or exploitation of the Reproduction Rights shall be a work for hire and Unlimited Voices Ltd shall be deemed the sole owner of any copyright and/or trademark rights therein (and all applications, registrations and renewals resulting there from).If, however, the work is deemed not to be a work made for hire by a court of competent jurisdiction, then this Release, Indemnity and Authorization To Photograph, Record and Reproduce (“Release”) shall constitute an irrevocable assignment of the worldwide copyright in the work to Unlimited Voices Ltd.


Your acceptance into this rehearsal, event or trip means that you agree to all of the above  terms and conditions in this Information Pack,  including  the Health and Safety Policy, Code of Conduct, Company Standards and Booking Conditions.