The last of our three summer concerts took place on Saturday night and in fact the last of our Unlimited Voices concerts!  We do of course have the recitals on our Yorkshire Coast Tour to come, but as regards actual concerts the final curtain is drawn!

Congratulations to everyone who took part.  St Mary’s in Warwick is a beautiful Church and a lovely setting for such beautiful music.  The hard work which had gone into learning this music paid off and the music floated throughout the Church, soaring with each movement of Steve’s arms.  No matter how tired those arms must be at times – they always give the same –guidance, direction, confidence and joy beyond what is written on the page.  There was brightness and lightness emanating from every voice when needed and passion and glory at the movement of a hand or nod of his head.  A pleasure to watch yet again the connection between, Steve, Richard and every singer to give all of us in the audience a wonderful concert for our memory bank.  Richard’s excellence at both the piano and organ a joy to behold and somehow fitting that he should be centre stage.

Once again the words of the songs resonated – and none more so than in Rutter’s Look at the World – how apt – “so many joys and wonders, so many miracles along our way, give us thankful hearts that we may see, all the gifts we share and every blessing,” and echoing words in our brochure “everything has a season.”

Our ‘seasons’ have been bountiful and plentiful and today is not the day I will expand on that,  I’ll leave that until the end of the month!, but everything does have a season and our reference to ‘season finales’ with these concerts acknowledges that.  There are more seasons to come but this month is the time to take stock and consider the joys and wonders on our journey together.  I felt humbled by all those who came to me on Saturday night and over the last few weeks to give praise and thanks and really instil in me what the journey means to them, and has meant along the way.  It is encouraging to know that reminiscing and recollecting is taking place at large and that time is being spent reflecting on the enormity of what we achieve together.   So many miracles along the way.   It may not have been referred to publicly as there is never enough time for such indulgence but it’s good to know that there has been time and opportunity for community indulgence!  I know 100 per cent that it is time that I do the same, take time with a thankful heart to see.  The volume of concerts, events and trips has been such that it has been impossible to ponder on the glories of our events as the minute they were accomplished there was work to be done on the next!

The gifts were shared on Saturday afternoon and I thank you on behalf of all of us for your generosity.

So as I count my every blessing and say thank you to everyone for Saturday night’s concert, I say thank you to Maestro Roberts for once more delivering a fabulous concert with our singers, sadly the last.  We accept that those arms are tired and although we will miss their guidance and comfort, my heart is thankful that you are taking time for yourself and loved ones.